Your life – it begins within.

You choose how you want to live.  Everything you experience in life, you experience within yourself.  At home, at work, with others, or by yourself, your life is an inside job.  If your mind is closed, and your heart is closed – your options in life will be limited.  Through practices of meditation, mindfulness, cultivating compassion, and self-inquiry, you learn to open your mind, find truth, gain clarity of mind, walk a path with heart, release stress, reconnect to perfect health, and laugh a whole lot more!

Let me help you to remember your true nature – peace, love, joy, and abundance.

Your life – it begins within!  Classes and workshops for:

  • All ages: youth, tweens, teens, elders and everyone in between
  • All levels: beginner to advanced, individuals, families, and groups 
  • Business:  MMI Mindfulness@Work workshops, retreats, meetings, lunch & learn
  • Military: Active, Veterans, Gold Star Families, PTSD, TBI
  • Education:  students, teachers, staff, homeschoolers, scouts 
  • Retreats: Yoga, meditation, business, team building 
  • Specializing: Individuals dealing with trauma, depression, anxiety, and PTS

Here’s to living your best life possible!
Lisa Campbell, Certified Meditation & Mindfulness Instructor
Mindfulfilled Meditation, LLC