June 2020 Meditation with Lisa Campbell

“Those are the same stars, and that is the same moon,
that look down upon your brothers and sisters,
and which they see as they look up to them,
though they are ever so far away from us, and each other.” 
—Sojourner Truth

I hope this message finds you healthy. A lot has been happening over the past few days . . . weeks . . and months.  I’d love to catch up with you in person to see how you’ve been doing.  Soon!

Today’s note is just to say I’ve been offering free meditations online over the past month – and if you haven’t joined me yet – I hope you will in June!  Every event is an opportunity to be online with amazing people meditating together, strengthening our heart-mind connections, walking a path with heart together and being the change we so desperately need in this world.


Om Shanti.
Love, Lisa

Open invitation, all are welcome!

Mondays @ 12:00 – 12:30 pm (EDT)

Wednesdays @ 12:00 – 12:30 pm (EDT)

Fridays @ 12:00 pm – 12:30 pm (EDT)
MetroWest Senior Centers
If you know of someone 55+ in these communities, they are welcome to join.  Email for private links.
Wednesday @ 10:30 – 11:30 am (EDT)
55+ Framingham, MA residents
Sponsored by Callahan Senior Center
Fridays @ 11:00 am – 11:50 am (EDT)
55+ Wellesley, MA residents
Sponsored by Tolles-Parsons Senior Center

Classes above will continue online until further notice.  Classes and workshops will return as soon as possible to Truth Organic Spa in North Grafton, Assabet After Dark, and Ashland Senior Center.   

Mar 2020: Spring Forward Retreat with Synergy, Tower Hill, Boylston, MA
Jan 2020: Setting Intentions Yoga & Meditation Day Retreat, Unity Farm, Sherborn MA
Nov 2019: Mindfulness for Parkinson’s & Caregivers, Ashland, MA
Oct 2019: Lunch & Learn, Private Lawfirm, Wellesley, MA
Oct 2019: Learn to Meditate 4 Classes, Assabet After Dark, Marlborough, MA 
Oct 2019: Meditations for Happiness 4 Classes @ Callahan Center, Framingham, MA
Oct 2019: Massachusetts Child Care State Conference, Princeton, MA
Oct 2019: Synergy Wellness Center Retreat, Tower Hill, Boylston, MA
Oct 2019: Sohum Yoga & Meditation Retreat, Unity Farm, Sherborn, MA
Sep 2019: Mindfulness & Wellness @ MutualOne, Natick, MA
Aug 2019: Ashland Educator Wellness @ Ashland, MA
May 2019: Mindfulness @ New Hampshire SPCA, Stratham, NH
May 2019: Sohum Yoga Retreat @ Good Commons, Plymouth, VT
Mar 2019: Educator Wellness Event @ GROW School, Dudly, MA
Mar 2019: Mindfulness @ Goodnow Library,  Sudbury, MA
Feb 2019: HeartMath @ The Gentle Place, Framingham, MA
Jan 2019: HeartMath @ Ashland Reiki, Ashland, MA
Jan 2019: Women Veteran’s Retreat @ Camp Resilience, Guilford, NH
Jan-Feb 2019: 3-Class Series: Learn to Meditate! 
     @ Sohum Yoga & Meditation Studio, Westboro, MA
     @ The Gentle Place, Framingham, MA
     @ Synergy Wellness Center, Hudson, MA
Nov 2018: Natick Educators Wellness Fair @ Natick, MA
Nov 2018: Employee Wellness Event @ Genzyme, Boston, MA
Oct 2018: Heart & Soul @ Callahan Senior Center, Framingham, MA
Sep 2018: Meditation @ The Yoga Exchange, Holliston, MA
Sep 2018: Mindfulness with Lisa & Ed @ Pathways, Millis, MA
Aug 2018: Sohum’s Yoga & Meditation Retreat @ Providence Zen Center
May 2018: Middle School Mindfulness @ Remington School, Franklin, MA
Apr 2018: Ashland Employee Wellness Fair @ Ashland, MA
Apr 2018: Project New Hope’s PTSD Couple’s Retreat, Groton, MA
Mar 2018: Meditations for Awakening @ Ashland Reiki, Ashland, MA
Jan 2018: Courageous Conversations: Trauma @ AHS, Ashland, MA

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