Meditation & Mindfulness

Welcome!  Do you have a meditation practice yet?  Many studies are showing great results and benefits that can be experienced by cultivating a daily practice.  Some benefits I have gained through meditation include better health, ease of mind, a more accepting and allowing attitude, more patience, more compassion for myself and others, better focus and clarity of mind, and acceptance of the present moment just as it is.  If you would like to learn more about meditation I look forward to meeting you.  In the meanwhile, please visit the guided meditation page and listen to one of my recordings offered freely.  If you’re in the Metrowest area of Boston, Massachusetts and would like to join one of the classes where fantastic, like-minded friends gather to meditate together (which often deepens the meditation experience, and also becomes a forum from which we can share and learn from each other), please visit the schedule page for a listing and calendar of upcoming classes and workshops.  And finally, if you’re not local, but would like to learn how to cultivate a successful daily meditation practice, please contact me, we can Skype, FaceTime, or speak on the phone!  In the meanwhile, I offer a variety of programs, including:

  • Corporate Wellness Programs
  • Family Programs
  • Hero Programs – FREE for all Active Military, Veterans, Police, Fire, Emergency, and Hospital Personnel
  • Hero Family Programs – Caretakers, Families & Kids
  • Private Programs for Individuals & Groups
  • Meditation Retreats (Vermont)
  • School & Homeschool Programs
  • Teen Programs
  • Trauma Sensitive Meditation

Here’s to peace!
Lisa Campbell, Certified Meditation & Mindfulness Instructor
Mindfulfilled Meditation, LLC