“I do hope that the Sunday sessions will continue (at Sohum); I know for sure it will be a welcome part of my life for the foreseeable future. I always had the wrong impression of meditation, until I met Lisa and realized what it is – and what it isn’t. She is a tremendous leader and like anything if you don’t make a personal connection with someone than it simply won’t work – be it a medical professional, a behavioral therapist, or, in this case, a meditation leader.”  – Lori J., Westborough MA

“I was referred to Sohum from a Veterans Counselor I have been working with for a long time. Sohum had a guided meditation program just for Veterans and First Responders.  It was led by a certified instructor who was also a veteran.  As a Vietnam Veteran with a long-term diagnoses of PTSD, I was more than somewhat hesitant to try this program.  It was only through the guidance and support from the instructor and the Sohum program, that I’ve learned the importance of this practice and still consider myself the “non-believer” who keeps on practicing.  Thank you Sohum for offering this and for the knowledgeable and caring instructor.” – Tom F., Shrewsbury, MA

“I love Sohum – my favorite class is Lisa Campbell’s Wednesday morning meditation class. I have been attending it off and on for almost 3 years. It’s a great way to get centered mid-week, and Lisa offers different types of meditation practices, so it is not the same thing every week. We also have a really nice group of people who attend, and we’d love to have more members!” – Amanda R., Westborough, MA

“Went to mindful meditation this morning and had a wonderful experience with Lisa Campbell, a very experienced and skilled teacher. Just what I needed to get my meditation practice in gear. Thank you Lisa, look forward to next week!”
M.T., Holliston, MA

“I just wanted to send out a little note to thank you for today! This morning’s experience was a beautiful & peaceful exploration of mindfulness for me.  I was noticing how your gentle and accepting guidance made it accessible for me to settle in, with ease, in the home of my heart!  I was smiling as you shared your story about leaving your job and finding your way to your soul’s work! Celebrating a similar story in my life, I’m finding that the Universe has been so supportive.  🙂 Its so very cool!  So with my deep thanks for a morning of connection and bliss! I’ll be floating through the rest of my day. With all well wishes and much peace to you!”
M.D., Southborough, MA

I have trouble sleeping – even taking a sleeping pill at night, and one night I tried the meditation in bed. And woke up the next morning! I woke up with a migrain today and did my meditation and it really helped – I noticed I’m a lot more happpy and relaxed. Can’t wait to come back on Monday! Just wish your voice could be in my head, it would be like the best drug in the world!”
D.B., Ashland, MA

“Lisa has been an amazing guiding, supportive, understanding, and compassionate teacher for me as I have coped with PTSD. I reached out to Lisa at the point of not knowing what else to do. I was in therapy and on medication, but the PTSD hyper vigilance, triggers, startle reflex, anxiety, anger, and sadness had enormous control over me. I could not do sitting meditation at all, as intrusive thoughts just took over.  Lisa worked with me on week-by-week techniques to try, as I became able to handle them. Her following teachings and suggested readings on loving-kindness felt so foreign and “undeserved” to me, but I found myself falling back on them in the panic moments after triggers happened. Facing the fact that I had fears, and accepting that I was panicking and terrified and confused was my first step in a direction of curiosity and healthy detachment from my triggers. She helped me to be able to see my reactions, to say, “I’m experiencing fight or flight” or “that siren terrifies me” and take that split second of objective awareness of my reactions and emotions to work compassionately with myself, rather than just fight against my emotions or the world. Lisa helped me step from being controlled by the chaos of PTSD reactions and emotions to being able to see it as a thing I can work with.  I continue to ask Lisa’s advice as I work through different stages of the long term healing. Her ability to listen is amazing. I will vent a series of fears and concerns, thinking I am looking for a solution to them, and she’ll suggest a teaching meditation podcast on something entirely different. And she’s always been spot on. She has an ability to see to the core issue, and to help refocus the anxious energy to a productive, safe, approachable place.  I am so thankful to have Lisa in my life, and for her compassion and teaching skills that can help guide us through the turmoil of PTSD.”
J.F., Boston, MA

“As a high school student I signed up for SOHUM meditation classes. I was looking for an opportunity to unwind and remove myself from the daily stresses of life. I received exactly what I was looking for! The instructor was acclimated to the class full of high school students and designed the class to intrigue and capture us into the world of meditation. After each class I find myself calm and relaxed and look forward to the break and rejuvenation that the class offers me. If you are looking to try something new, relax, or simply become in sync with your inner zen, then SOHUM is your next step.”
A.S, Hopkinton, MA

“Thank you for your beautiful and mindful guided meditation…with just a 10 minute session my “gap” is already getting wider. I look forward to practicing with you more! If you have yet to experience Lisa’s mediation instruction…I HIGHLY recommend her! She is an angel!”
B.R., Ashland, MA


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  1. It was an amazing experience having you visit our home! The education and guidance you provided my family (ages 11-49) on the benefits of meditation has motivated each of us to have the confidence and tools to begin to incorporate mediation into our lives. Thank you!! -D.M. Hopkinton

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